Landlocked – An OCD Puzzler

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Since I have a bit of free time on my hands the last few days, I’ve started work on a tile based puzzle game in Actionscript 3.0. I’ve done a lot of work in AS3 before and actually competed in the last Ludum Dare using AS3 and FlashPunk. (I’ll polish up that compo entry and post it up here at some point).

This time around I’m using FlashPunk again, might actually use it in the intended fashion too, instead of all the manual rendering I was doing for the snow storm in Cold Fusion. I’m using this project shaped stone to kill a few other birds as well. One to finally prototype using Daniel Cook’s awesome “Space Cute” tile set, two to pop my professional cherry, get the finished article up on FGL and make some money from my favourite hobby and finally, three, to break in the new name, Rush The Fence.

Amazingly useful prototyping tiles!

Landlocked is intended to be a Minecraft-inspired tile-based puzzler, digging up blocks, and placing them elsewhere to achieve a myriad of goals. I want to try and steer away from the worn-out match-3 rigmarole (but if the mechanics lend themselves to it, and its fun, I’ll not deny it). I have a few other, more out there, ideas that I want to chase down, but my focus first will be on getting the basis of the game engine up and running. From there I can play with different game modes and mechanics until I find the fun.

I’m going to try and keep a regular dev blog during the evolution of Landlocked, for both journal and motivational purposes. So hopefully I’ll have a little more to put up soon.

P.S. I mentioned “OCD Puzzler” in the title of this post because one of the ideas I have is for a time-attack sorting game. Not sure if everyone would find it fun, but hey it’s still only an idea at this point.